Mathematician and NLP Engineer

About me

I founded the Renner Spirit GmbH for digitising the public sector in Germany. I initiated civilcode.at for facilitating access to justice for vicitms of human trafficking and ecologistical.org for facilitating the work of plastic recycling companies in Kenya.

As a hobby musician, I conduct a student choir in Vienna.


Initiatives and Web-Apps


Find a word in this online game by guessing semantically similar words.


A platform for anonymous legal advise for victims of labour exploitation. More information (in German).


The initiative supports the Nigerian plastic recycling industry with modern tech solutions to increase their output.

Transportation in Saudi-Arabia

Using google’s traffic layer and demonstrating transfer learning (alpha version).


A system prototype to automatically assign, manage and monitor tasks for freelancers.

Renner Spirit GmbH

Supply Chain Monitoring

A GPT-based chatbot for systematically analysing supply chain related codes of conduct of large US-government contractors.

Press Pilot

Multiple analyses of German media, trending topics over time, writing styles, topic clusters etc. (in German). Collaboration with Simon Leiß and Janek Blankenburg

Contact Net

Contacts depend on personal preference and status. A showcase from Malegaon, India.


An encoder from the South African language IsiZulu to a phonetic representation.


I am a passionate viola player and I conduct a student choir in Vienna.

Scientific Research

Academic Theses

Diffusion of Vaccination Willingness

How to find the best information spreaders for your vaccination campaign

Finding Delay Bottlenecks

To improve the punctuality of the Deutsche Bahn, PageRank is adjusted to detect delay bottlenecks in the German rail network.

Text Mining in Public Administrations

How can text mining be used to enhance the work of public administrations?

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